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What Is “technical Knowledge”?

Technical knowledge” refers to the ability to complete complex tasks.Technical knowledge differs from general knowledge, such as knowing about history or philosophy. The exact set of skills considered technical knowledge varies depending on the field of work.

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In an office setting, technical knowledge often refers to computational skills. People listing technical knowledge on their resume should include what software they use and any hardware experience they have. Things such as managerial experience or interpersonal skills are not considered technical knowledge, as there is no specific technical skill for these abilities.

Technical knowledge sometimes reflects theoretical knowledge, if this knowledge directly informs technical skills. For example, an engineer or mechanic may list a detailed understanding of principles of physics as technical knowledge; this knowledge has direct relevance for performing the specific technical aspects of the job. However, knowledge does not have to include theoretical information to be considered technical; knowing how to operate a computer is technical knowledge even without knowledge of the electric principles the computer relies on.

Because technical knowledge is so diverse, it is important to focus on relevant technical knowledge when discussing it. If a person is applying for a position as a teacher, technical knowledge of auto maintenance is irrelevant, while data basing and word processing skills are highly relevant.

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