QuickBooks error codes 6000 83

QuickBooks error codes 6000 83

This article is to describe you the reasons behind QuickBooks error codes 6000 83 and also the

and resolve your QuickBooks error codes 6000 83 By online expert

Intuit, a parent company of QuickBooks, was founded in 1983 in USA by three persons. They
firstly developed a financial management software for their personal use. After successful
employment of that individual finance managing application namely Quicken, company started
developing financial management software for small business organizations. In present
scenario, they are indulged in the development of accounting applications for small and
medium business organizations.
QuickBooks tried to open a company file and an error occurred. There may be one of the
several reasons behind it. You may not have the permission to access that file in a multi- user

Reason behind these QuickBooks error codes 6000 83 are:

1. One might not be permitted to access that particular company file.
2. Configuration files might be corrupted.
3. Location of file might have error in it, in the sense path location might have exceeded
the limit.
4. QuickBooks installation might get damaged.
5. Some files might be missing from QuickBooks installation.
6. Company file itself might be corrupted and need to be repaired.
7. A firewall or security application might also block the files sometimes.
8. If more than one system tries to host the company file.

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9. File might get corrupted while converting it into latest version.
Though, these were the reasons behind one is not been able to open the file but one should be
more interested to know the methods to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error codes 6000 83
generated. These errors generate when one tries to open a company file, it does not open up
instead returns these errors.
Now let us come to troubleshoot directly.
Following are the manual solution:
1. Update the latest version:
Update the QuickBooks accounting software.
2. Configure QuickBooks desktop files for Security software
Go to the website of firewall or security software. Configure firewall’s settings to permit
internet access to QuickBooks files on the desktop.
3. Scan the QuickBooks files.

QuickBooks error codes 6000 83

Solution to QuickBooks error codes 6000 83

There is a network descriptor file (.nd file) on every computer that stores information related to
that very computer which hosts QuickBooks files. By scanning QuickBooks files mean scanning
the folder that contains company file to create network descriptor file only.
Select QuickBooks from the Programs of Windows Start menu. In the QuickBooks Database
Server Manager, browse all the folders containing company files and scan all of them.
4. Verify hosting on the computer
Verify that the computer which has QuickBooks Database Server Manager installed on it,
should be the only one which can host QuickBooks company file.
5. Change the location of company file
Sometimes location of file may also create issues and in that case copy the file on different
location, then try to open it. Also, the path location may exceed the limit. So, do not save the
file at a too deep location on the computer.

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6. Create a backup
Create a new folder on the root of C drive of the computer that hosts company file of
QuickBooks. Take a backup of the files and save it in the newly created folder on the computer.
7. Restore the backup of company file
When you restore a backup file, company file with the extension .qbw should be created at the
end but sometimes, the backup process creates files with .qbm or .adr extension. In this case,
you need to rename the files with these extensions to .qbw extension. After renaming with this
extension, try to open the company file.
You may also contact tech- support if you find yourself unable to process the above

QuickBooks error codes 6000 83  (solved)

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